Ilumni U provides training and resources to our members who are seeking to become proficient and develop mastery in the divorce real estate niche.

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For Family Law Attorneys

Raising the Bar CLE Series

Our Raising the Bar CLE series is designed to provide interesting and engaging CLE classes to attorneys and their staff. Attorneys invited by a CDRE receive the class at no cost. New classes monthly!
Visit to register. If you've already registered simply log in to this  site and you'll see your CLE course.

For Real Estate Agents Growing in the Divorce Niche

The Divorce Niche Bootcamp and Master Course

If you are curious about the niche, check out the Divorce Niche Bootcamp. Go to to sign up!

If you're ready to attain mastery in the divorce real estate niche, consider applying for the CDRE Master Course Program. Certified Divorce Real Estate (CDRE) experts are the best of the best.

 Visit to find out more and apply.