Course curriculum

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    Ask the Experts

    • How to Write Sales Campaigns

    • Ask the Experts - Gen Z Unplugged

    • Get Face to Face, Even During a Lockdown with Frank Klesitz

    • Ask the Experts - Virtual Leadership with Daniel Ramsey and Laurel Starks

    • From Dialing for Dollars to Inbound Attorney Referrals - How Kwaku Mitchell Made the Shift

    • Managing the High Conflict Divorce Personality

    • What’s It Worth? Appraisals and Divorce Just Got Complicated

    • Unravel the Secret Psychology of COVID-19

    • Forbearance Is Not Forgiveness

    • Is Virtual the New Reality?

    • The Role of Realtors & Lenders in Collaborative Divorce

    • Keeping Score—How Divorce Affects Credit

    • Ask the Experts with Dan Gomer